Rookie Ruby
4D Sidepot (.5 sec split)
**will happen every year**

Minimum of $35,000 (at each race) guaranteed + each $3,000 Rookie Ruby nomination will go directly into the pot for the race entered! 

The Rookie Ruby Sidepot is for any rider who has never competed at any Ruby Buckle Barrel Race. 

Rookie Ruby Sidepot is for any RIDER who has never competed at any Ruby Buckle Barrel Race. If you entered a Ruby Buckle race in previous years but were not able to compete due to injury/sickness to you or horse, you are eligible for our Rookie Ruby Sidepot. Rider does not need to be owner for this sidepot.


Rookie Ruby Plus
**only offered in 2024**

The Rookie Ruby Plus is a way for a HORSE that was never nominated or missed a nomination to become eligible to compete in the Ruby Buckle Barrel Races. This horse has to be ridden by a ROOKIE RUBY RIDER (someone who has never competed at the Ruby Buckle before).

$3,000 NOMINATION FEE + $250 'PP' ENTRY FEE + $500 Open 4D ENTRY FEE

THE HORSE HAS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR NOMINATION based on the foundation of our program which is:

*The horse you wish to nominate must be conceived the year the stallion was enrolled in the Ruby Buckle or earlier.


Call our office at 801-923-1528 with any eligibility questions.